Indonesia SME Summit & Expo (ISSE) 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) face both immense opportunities and challenges. The digitalization wave is reshaping industries, and for SMEs, embracing this change is crucial for growth and sustainability. Enter Wynettes Walden International, a forward-thinking organisation dedicated to helping SMEs harness the power of digitalization and providing them with various strategies to expand their businesses.

Indonesia SME Summit & Expo (ISSE) 2023, hosted at ICE BSD, was a pivotal moment in Indonesia’s digital business landscape. Over 50,000 sellers from every corner of the country converged, creating a unique platform for industry stakeholders, including government representatives, e-commerce entrepreneurs, logistics providers, social media influencers, and payment service providers.

Our presence shows our commitment to SMEs’ success in the digital era. By actively engaging with SMEs and understanding their unique challenges, we are helping these businesses thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. From digital marketing strategies to e-commerce optimization, we offer a diverse toolkit to empower SMEs to scale their operations, attract more customers, and navigate the complexities of the digital business world. We are not just an organisation; we are the right partner in the journey of SMEs towards prosperity in the digital age.