Mall to Mall

Recently Bali farm and Rumaya participate in the Ministry of Trade’s prestigious event, aptly named “Mall to Mall.” The event served as a platform to showcase the finest local brands products, bringing together a tapestry of flavors and cultural experiences under one roof. Bali Farm booth at TSM Mall Cibubur was a celebration of Indonesian gastronomy, featuring our signature products and inviting mall-goers to embark on a culinary journey like no other.

Our booth was a feast for the senses, offering visitors the chance to experience the authentic taste of Bali Farm’s offerings. The Red Ginger, known for its distinctive flavor and health benefits, stood tall among our products. The Kerupuk, with its satisfying crunch, captivated snack enthusiasts, while the Chocolate Potato Chips provided a sweet surprise for those with a penchant for the extraordinary. Our various sambals, each boasting a unique blend of spices, added a spicy kick to the overall experience.

Adding an eco-conscious flair to the event, Rumaya a homeware brand committed to eco-sustainability and recycling. Rumaya’s booth featured a splendid collection of wooden products, rattan creations, and eco-printing fashion that seamlessly blend style with environmental responsibility. This dynamic and sustainable elegance from Rumaya created a vibrant and diverse showcase for event attendees.

Participating in events like Mall to Mall goes beyond showcasing our products; it’s about connecting with a community and other SMEs brands.
Bali Farm is not just a brand; it’s a representation of the culinary treasures Indonesia has to offer. We are committed to sharing our passion for food, promoting sustainability, and contributing to the cultural tapestry that makes Indonesia truly special.

Let’s continue to savor the unique flavors of our land and embrace a sustainable future together!