Future-Proof Your Career

In an era of constant technological advancements and evolving business landscapes, we must adapt and future-proof our careers to thrive in the ever-changing job market. To address this need, Wynettes Group are happy to have held “Future-Proof Your Career” Seminar Events. It is designed to empower new generations and also professionals with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to navigate and excel in the dynamic professional world.

From 23 – 25 May 2023, students and professionals gathered at Techpolitan BSD for the highly anticipated seminar event. With guest speakers and unique collaboration between leading companies from the IT industry, educational institute, and creative local business, the event aimed to equip attendees with the tools, insights, and strategies required to thrive in an ever-evolving job market.

Wynettes Group curated an impressive lineup of collaborating companies and guest speakers who shared their expertise and insights with attendees. Notable participants included such as Mr. Gatot from SEAMO, Mr. Iswan from Sangnila Art Academy, Ms. Melia from Bintang Kecil, Mr. Edwin from WGS Hub, and much more.

The seminar event also featured engaging IT workshops, where participants gained hands-on experience and practical knowledge in using IT knowledge for their business. Through our business matching sessions, we provided networking opportunities valuable connections and potential collaborations from the participating businesses, further enriching their career prospects and future collaborations.

The “Future Proof Your Career” Seminar Event organised by the Wynettes Group successfully empowered professionals with the necessary skills and insights to navigate the ever-changing job market. Attendees left the event equipped with knowledge of emerging technologies, a commitment to continuous learning, and a renewed sense of creativity. The collaborative efforts between IT industry leaders, educational institutes, and creative local businesses showcased the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in shaping successful careers. With the valuable takeaways from this seminar, students and also professionals are well-positioned to future-proof their careers and thrive in the digital age.

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