Jawara Wirausaha IFBC 2023 Award

9th June 2023 – Bandung, Indonesia

Wynettes Walden International has been honoured with the prestigious “Jawara Wirausaha IFBC 2023” award for its outstanding contribution on helping digitising Indonesian businesses. The award ceremony, held in Bandung, recognized the exemplary efforts of the company in helping local businesses embrace digital transformation to enhance their competitiveness in the global market.

With a strong commitment to leveraging technology for business growth, Wynettes Walden International has been at the forefront of the business digital revolution sweeping across Indonesia. The company’s innovative solutions have empowered countless businesses to streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and expand their reach. By offering comprehensive digital transformation strategies, Wynettes Walden International has been instrumental in propelling Indonesia’s economy into the digital age.

This prestigious recognition, bestowed by the Info Franchise & Business Concept (IFBC), highlights Wynettes Walden International’s exceptional dedication and expertise in driving digitalization efforts in the country. The “Jawara Wirausaha IFBC 2023” award acknowledges the company’s success in empowering Indonesian businesses through its cutting-edge technological solutions, which have revolutionised the way companies operate and interact with their customers.

With this notable achievement, Wynettes Walden International continues to spearhead digital transformation initiatives in Indonesia, inspiring other companies to embrace innovation and harness the power of technology. The company’s remarkable expertise and dedication to helping businesses thrive in the digital era have firmly established them as a frontrunner in the technology solutions industry.

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